The Gurkha cigar company, which is renowned for producing some of the world’s most expensive cigars, created the Gurkha Beast. The Beast is a complex, full-bodied cigar that begins with a burst of sweetness before gradually developing its taste profile throughout the course of the smoke.

The Beast is a very well-balanced cigar that anybody who enjoys smoking cigars would like, despite its strong nature. This cigar is also included on the brand’s Gurkha Cigarnivore #3 Sampler.

Wrapper Origin: Costa RicaShape: Gordo
Length: 6.5Ring: 58
Wrapper: Costa RicanList Price: $7.50
Origin: Costa RicaStrength: Full

Appearance of Gurkha Beast

The long-fillers for the Gurkha Beast cigar were a combination of Dominican, Honduran, and Columbian tobaccos that were cultivated in Costa Rica. The cigar’s wrapper is oily to the touch and is in a very deep shade of brown. It also has minimal veins and almost no seams. Upon touching the cigar, it’s not that overly firmly packed, and it’s something evident to its weight since it’s light to carry.

There are two bands on the Gurkha Beast cigar. The first band is at the customary location, almost at the top, while the second band is below. The first band is an old-fashioned design with a man or soldier clutching a little sword in the center. The word “Gurkham” is printed below it in full capital, and there are two swords at the man’s back, positioned like an “X.” Rich, deep gold is the initial band’s defining color.

The word “Beast” is inscribed using a silver font color on the Gurkha Beauty cigar’s second band. This band features a black backdrop with some silver elements. Regarding color and mood, the second band contrasts sharply with the first band.

Smoking Experience

Upon lighting the Gurkha Beast cigar, it started with a heavy bang of sweetness; flavors of graham crackers and marshmallows came at the front. On the other hand, aside from its sweet notes, there’s also a heavy wood flavor going on, especially at the finish. Moreover, right off the bat, this cigar is indeed medium in terms of strength. It also produces a tremendous amount of smoke, and the draw is quite good.

For my first third of smoking the Gurkha Beast cigar, so far, it is doing pretty well with construction. The burn is almost razor sharp, it produces a lot of smoke, and the ash is holding itself well. Although the draw has a little bit of resistance, it’s not something that’s bothering me so far since I’m able to pick the flavors nicely. Speaking of, the flavor profile of this one continues to be great. I appreciate the heavy bang of the sweetness of this cigar upon lighting it up, but I’m happy with how it mellows down at this point to give way to new flavors. Now, aside from the heavy wood flavor becoming the cigar’s dominant flavor, it is accompanied by cedar and oak notes. And despite the sweetness mellowing down a little bit, it became present in the background and at the finish.

During the second third of smoking the Gurkha Beast cigar, the flavors continued to be dominated by the heavy wood note, and it actually leaned more toward becoming an oaky wood not, which I find a good flavor transition. The sweetness is still there and at the same mellow rate. On this part, there’s another new flavor emerging, and that is cocoa and salt. The salt flavor is actually present close to the oaky wood note, almost as if they are combined. The cocoa flavor is not yet rich; it’s more subtle but slowly making its way through the front of the flavor palette. As for the construction of this cigar, the ash already fell off at this point, but it’s okay on my end since it didn’t ruin the burn at all. The draw also started to loosen up a bit, making my smoking experience so far delightful. I can’t say anything bad at all.

For my final third of smoking the Gurkha Beast cigar, unlike the second third, nothing much changes at this point except for the richness of some flavors. Basically, the flavors remained the same; it’s still the oaky wood note being the dominant flavor. It still has a hint of sweetness, salt, and cedar. The cocoa flavor is also present still. In terms of strength, it is in the medium range. Lastly, the construction of this cigar up until the end is excellent. I have nothing to complain about when it comes to it. This cigar did a good job, and I had a delightful time smoking it.


Gurkha Beast in hand

Overall, the Gurkha Beast cigar is just a good cigar for me. I was fascinated by the flavor transitions of this one, but I find the flavors too common for an expensive stick. Still, I had a great time smoking such a premium cigar which I find great to pair with Scotch or smoke after dinner.

The ending flavor notes are oak wood, cedar, sweet, cocoa, and salt. This cigar is medium in terms of strength, and it did incredibly well regarding its construction. However, despite such good features, again, I find the flavors too common for an expensive cigar, and I think I could buy a much more great stick with its price range that has a lot to offer, especially in terms of flavors.

If you’re someone who is looking for a cigar to try under the Gurkha brand, this is something I will definitely recommend since it didn’t disappoint me at all. However, if you’re on a tight budget, I don’t think this stick is worth splurging on.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales