The Gurkha Beauty cigar is one of the examples of the Gurkha brand’s long history of creating some of the best tobacco in the world. The Gurkha Beauty is a premium cigar handmade in the Dominican Republic. It is a medium-bodied cigar that is perfect for any occasion.

Wrapper Origin: ConnecticutShape: Toro
Length: 6 1/2Ring: 56
Wrapper: EcuadorianList Price: N/A
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Medium

Appearance of Gurkha Beauty

The Gurkha Beauty cigar has a large ring gauge and uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Dominican binder, and Nicaraguan filler. The cigar wrapper is in a beautiful shade of light brown that features minimal veins and almost no seams. It is also both velvety and oily to the touch.

This premium cigar uses two bands. The first band is located on the usual spot, almost close to the cap, while the second band is below it. The first band features an antique design with a man or a soldier in the middle, holding a small sword. There are also two swords at the man’s back, positioned as “X.” The word “Gurkham” is written below it in all uppercase. The overall color feature of the first band is faded gold, almost brown.

For the second band of the Gurkha Beauty cigar, the word “Beauty” is written in cursive, using a silver font color. The background of this band is black and has some silver accents. The second band is the opposite of the first band in terms of color and vibe.

The second band is much more appealing, despite not having much design, than the first band. A huge contributing factor to this was the color being used. It would have been great if the first band used colors that are present in the second band since it would make the cigar stands out. Besides, the faded gold color doesn’t suit the cigar’s wrapper well.

Smoking Experience

Upon lighting the Gurkha Beauty cigar, a significant amount of sweetness and creaminess on the wrapper welcomed me. The creamy note lingered on my mouth and had a light wood note at the finish. This cigar produces a good amount of smoke, not tremendous, but it’s not also releasing a little amount of smoke. In addition, the draw is excellent so far.

For my first third of smoking the Gurkha Beauty cigar, the sweetness and creaminess are still a lot at this point, but they are now accompanied by a much drier note than wood, which is light tobacco. There’s also a hint of pepper emerging on the finish and in the background of this cigar’s flavor profile. So far, it’s mild to medium smoke. As for the construction of this premium cigar, the draw continued to be excellent, and its smoke output is still the same; the only thing is that it has a pleasing aroma with no exact identity. The only downside was its burn and ash. The burn is not that even, and the ash is starting to fall off bit by bit early at this point.

During my second third of smoking the Gurkha Beauty cigar, the strength of this cigar is still mild to medium strength. The construction of this fine cigar did a very good job now, starting with the burn that corrected itself after I relighted it. The ash is also now holding itself well. The draw and smoke output is still the same, just like how the flavors are also the same at this point. Not much flavor transition is happening, nor are new flavors emerging. But I can say that they are all starting to build up their richness more. The good thing was that, despite the wood flavor and light tobacco intensifying a little bit, it was not something that made my throat literally dry. The sweet and cream note helped not to make that happen. I can’t really say that the flavors are perfectly balanced with one another, but they are doing a great job working it out.

For my final third of smoking the Gurkha Beauty cigar, the burn of this fine cigar became razor sharp at this point, and the ash held a good chunk of itself. The draw ended up not disappointing me from start to finish, as it’s still great. The smoke output is still the same, it’s not producing much, but the aroma of it continued to become present at this point. For the flavor profile of this cigar, the light tobacco note transitioned into becoming a nutty tobacco flavor. The pepper mellows down a bit but becomes present on the retro-hale. The sweet and cream note is still present, but the cream flavor mellowed down a bit too. Basically, the ending flavor profile leaned more toward the drier notes.


Gurkha Beauty in hand

Overall, I had a great time smoking the Gurkha Beauty cigar. This one is not a perfect cigar, but as the smoke progresses, there are noticeable changes that make it almost a perfect one, just like how the burn corrected itself and the ash started to hold itself well.

Another example was its flavor profile; despite not much transition happening in the second third, the final third gave one good transition, which was the light tobacco note becoming a nutty tobacco flavor. The only thing that saddened me was when the drier notes became much more evident during the final third because the cream flavor mellows down a bit, and the pepper note became present on the retro-hale. Still, it’s a great cigar up until the end, and what’s important for me was that despite leaning towards the drier notes, it didn’t make my throat dry at all.

The Gurkha Beauty cigar is a cigar that I would definitely buy again. I find this one perfect to pair with an espresso. This cigar is something I would recommend to both beginners and cigar enthusiasts out there. Also, if you are a cigar smoker who enjoys a good amount of sweet and cream notes, this is a premium cigar worth trying.

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