Special Seleccion Cigar by H Upmann

At first glance, you can tell that H. Upmann Special Seleccion is a charismatic cigar. Before all else, I have to admit that this cigar looks finer than most of my dates in high school.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, these cigars embellished a magnificent cedar wrap on the surface accompanied by a golden lace holding it together at the foot.  

Cedar wrapped cigars are helpful for two reasons: it seems lofty and glamorous. In addition, it helps in aging the cigar, further revealing its well-balanced and exciting flavors.

In case you’re searching for that cigar for an exceptional event, this is the one for you. Its flavor had exemplary Dominican components with completely adjusted zest notes of sweet, woody cedar—an intense medium-strength smoke, without a doubt.

Pull of Cigar

Apart from being utterly gorgeous, this cigar offers more than that. Its pre-light smell was charming: a sweet, dull cedar flavor. The head cut open neatly, and although the pre-light draw appeared somewhat tight, I figured that it would be adjustable.

Plus, it’s delightfully natural; so smooth, and has a lot of plume. It is the crystalline greyish white that looks like dusts on a cigar for those who may not know it. Even so, it is acceptable; basically, this is an exude oil, which typically is a sign that your cigars are aging admirably, making it smooth as it could be.

It has an excellent draw which created a large amount of smoke. Taking everything into account, I could not even think of a word better than “exceptional”.


It’s always fascinating to see how a cigar opens up and how every cigar’s taste and quality transforms as it is smoked. After the first quarter, H. Upmann Special Seleccion had this subtle sweetness of smoke that complemented the present flavors beautifully. Nearly halfway through, a nice taste of nutmeg emerged and was finished off by charcoal flavor, which is amazingly not harsh at all. 

During the entirety of my experience, I noticed that the ashes were kind of silvery in color, which happened to come off clean. This usually signifies a good quality and well-constructed tobacco. 

Overall Review of H. Upmann Special Seleccion

Overall, this is a superb smoke brimming with delightful flavors that most cigar smokers would appreciate. Let alone that with each cigar individually sleeved in cedar were wonderfully aged. I can’t help but commend how flawless it was! This cigar has acquired its place as one of my top choices and receives a rating of 91. The H. Upmann  Special Seleccion.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales