La Flor Dominicana is known for their use of Ligero. For smokers who want strong cigars with deep earthy and spicy flavors, this La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero No. 654 is still one of the most well-liked options.

The sleek Ecuadorian wrappers are given a rich, oily patina that shimmers and are filled with a strong mixture of Dominican filler and binder leaves. On the lengthy, spicy finish, there are dominant flavors of wood, pepper, and a faint trace of coffee.

Wrapper Origin: EcuadorianShape: Toro
Length: 6Ring: 54
Wrapper: SumatraList Price: $204 (Box of 20)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Full

Appearance of La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero No. 654 Natural

The La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero No. 654 cigar features a traditional cigar look. The cigar has an oily wrapper, and the Maduro hue dominates the colors. With the iconic LFD front and center and double ligero beneath it, the cigar’s single band may easily be mistaken for a double band.

The band also has a gold Greek-style crown, and all of the words—aside from “Double Ligero”—are written in cursive. The wrapper also reminded me of leather, and it had some faint veins. The cigar is very densely packed as well.

Smoking Experience

Fresh from the cold draw, it tastes like black pepper. It draws well right away after being lit. It tastes extremely good with a hint of minty oaky wood leather and some really wonderful black pepper. Furthermore, there is a tiny amount of cocoa towards the end.

It immediately provides me an overwhelming black pepper flavor with a tinge of wood flavors for my first third. It also has a little spiciness that is more apparent on the retro-hale. In order to balance the peppery, woody, and spice aromas, the cigar also gives sweetness, which is a wonderful thing.

As it moves into the second third, the cigar develops a superb full body, making it a fantastic cigar. The retro-hale took on a distinct wood flavor. The original sweetness has evolved into a sweet spice or taste, which I find to be fantastic, but still has that wonderful black pepper flavor. It’s full-bodied without being overwhelming, and it’s just a fantastic stick all around.

I’m really savoring a nice, delicate, green flavor in the final third; the spice and sweetness are still there but not overpowering. Additionally, there are elements of wood and coffee, which have become especially noticeable on the finish. The retro-hale of the cigar is peppery, yet it never becomes overpowering; it is only present to let you know it is there. It’s a genuinely great cigar in my opinion.


In order to summarize the tastes, the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero No. 654 cigar gives you a greater emphasis on earthy notes while still offering touches of sweetness to balance it all out. I appreciate how peppery and spicy it is without being too hard to handle.

Although the cigar is extremely full-bodied, you won’t stop smoking it in the middle of a draw. The strength is tolerable, and if you want to step up your cigar strength game, I think you should give it a shot.

I would recommend the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero No. 654 cigar to you and even kindly beg that you consider purchasing a box of them. The cigar is full-bodied, yet it doesn’t knock you out; rather, it only makes you aware of that fact. This is one you shouldn’t pass up trying.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell