Muwat Cigar Review

Jonathan Drew himself blended the MUWAT line. The MUWAT cigar line is a collaboration between Drew Estate’s Subculture line and Joya de Nicaragua. While the cigars were a cross between Subculture’s blends and JDN’s classic flavors, the cigars are rolled in Joya de Nicaragua factories in Nicaragua.

So, where did the name come from? The story goes that Jonathan Drew carried a bundle of 50 cigars of 6″ x 60, and finding himself carrying an Uzi look-alike, quipped, “My Uzi weighs a ton!” Hence, MUWAT for the acronym.

My Uzi Ways a Ton Cigar

This review of MUWAT + 11 helps us appreciate the difference between this stick and the other MUWAT vitolas. MUWAT + 11 is the second stick that is not a 60 ring gauge. Those who prefer a small ring gauge and enjoy the MUWAT line may want this cigar.

The original MUWAT blend and its more vital variations are also different, so reviewing this MUWAT + 11 would be interesting. Let’s check out the quality of the cigar.

Wrapper Origin: MexicoShape: Robusto
Length: 5.5Ring: 52
Wrapper: San AndresList Price: $69.50 (Bundle of 10)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of MUWAT

Appearing in a ten-pack bundle, the MUWAT + 11 is unassuming in its appearance. Its plain brown bag highlights’ UZI’ and ‘Ton’ on its packaging.

The cigar has a dark chocolate sheen due to the Maduro wrapper. The veins are somewhat hidden because of the dark shade, while the cigar feels some lumpiness in some areas when you hold it.

There is little oil on the wrapper because of the Maduro, while the band is straightforward in grey and black. The black band has grey block letters showing its strength and appeal.

Smoking Experience

The cold draw had hints of chocolate, cedar, and wood. Upon lighting and after the few puffs, the rich aroma of the cigar is evident.

There is a peppery spice at the beginning that is treated with some chocolate and cedar. This flavor profile mixes with light notes of dried fruit as well. The chocolate also became a prominent note at the end of the first half. The dried fruit and cedar were the primary note as the first third ended.

The second third has the pepper slowly increasing in the flavor profile. The sweetness also diminished. With this transition, some of the pepper was prominent as the dried fruit and cedar remained. The second third is a good part of the cigar, but the draw was not as good as the first third.

The final third has the pepper taking over the flavors. The slow build-up of the pepper while the sweetness slowly faded was a good transition. The sweetness was an excellent complement to the cedar, dried fruit, and pepper before fading. The cigar also settled to a medium body from the second to the final third. There was a balance of flavors from start to finish.


Holding MUWAT cigar

The MUWAT + 11 is on the upside for its balanced flavors. Even without coffee or bourbon, this cigar is good and enjoyable. An hour of smoking session is worthwhile. The flavors also transitioned from sweet to peppery, while the fruity, woody flavors were sustained. The chocolate flavors are excellent and a strong point for MUWAT + 11. This cigar is good for keeping in your humidor, to be smoked for a relaxing weekend.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell