Punch Knuckle Buster Natural Toro: Cigar Review

Review of Punch Knuckle Buster

Exhausted from work, I decided to smoke a good cigar to reward myself. I scanned the humidor, thinking I found the best cigar of the day. The cigar itself is very attractive. The covering has a lovely deep brown wrapper with a rich buttery sheen. You might be wondering what cigar I am referring to—it’s the Knuckle Buster Natural Toro of Punch, a classic cigar brand.

It has been months since I had this cigar, but I still remember how beautiful it was when I bought it. Knuckle Buster is packaged in a bright blue box with eye-catching vivid graphics. When opening the box, the light blue stripes clearly visible on the badge and a set of bronze knuckles undoubtedly increase the visual appeal.

Unlike rare limited edition cigars, Punch Knuckle Buster Natural Toro is affordable and practical for tobacco smokers. With a retail price of $5.49, casual smokers would surely be drawn to it.

Pull of Cigar

Prior to smoking, I used a straight cut to remove the lid. The cold draw gave me a blend of petrichor—the pleasant scent when the rain falls on dry soil, the sweet aroma of honey, and the typical cigar smell. I certainly captured the rich earth, strong spices, moist wood, and tobacco aromas on the foot and on its Nicaragua Habano wrapper. I also noticed how the seams were meticulously sealed, making it tight and almost invisible, though the surface seems bumpy with some obvious veins. 


The first third was a bit surprising. My taste buds were welcomed with flavors of cedar, a hint of graham cracker but with overpowering bitterness. There is also a subtle peppery taste, roasted nuts with a touch of saltiness. I tried retrohaling as well which gave further exposure to the flavors.

As the second third begins, the quick transitioning of cigar happens. I can taste a faint of dry wood catching the blend of the same flavors earlier but with a much gentler approach. I was anticipating for more things to occur, but I guess I get my hopes up

When the last third settles in, it was somewhat similar to the second third. An earthy flavor passed through and was then ended with an aromatic cedar.

Sporadically, the burn seems to be a bit off. This may be attributed to its oily wrapper. Nonetheless, the smoke from beginning to end showed consistency.

Overall Review of Punch Knuckle Buster Natural Toro

Knuckle Buster is a mid-weight cigar that will appeal to novices and experienced smokers. It met my expectations. It has an adequately simple and steady flavor. Taking its price into account, the smoking experience I had was just fine. Overall it’s a low-priced, enjoyable cigar which gets a rating of 83 from me.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales