The Rocky Patel Royale Robusto features an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper – a type of tobacco that has become a staple in the Rocky Patel line. The cigar has a rich, creamy flavor and a medium body.

Coffee, nuts, cedar, earth, spice, and creaminess are among the flavors it offers. It is really smooth and has amazing draw and burn quality. Despite tasting pepper in the draw and retro-hale, there is no bitterness. It’s a cigar that’s worth trying.

Wrapper Origin: EcuadorianShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 52
Wrapper: SumatraList Price: $223 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium

Appearance of Rocky Patel Royale Robusto

The wrapper of the Rocky Patel Royale Robusto has a very dark brown color and has no visible veins. The structure is pretty, and the wrapper isn’t overly oily. When you look at it in the end, you can see that it is actually a box press and that it has been squared off. However, when I pressed it, it didn’t appear to be tightly packed, but I don’t see any problems with that. The cigar smells strongly of tobacco with hint of earthy notes.

Rocky Patel Royale cigars often have a two-band design for their band, which is also the case with this cigar. At the very top of the band, the name “Rocky Patel” is printed in capital letters, put over the company’s logo, and given a chocolate brown font color in a faded gold background color. The “RP” logo for the company is positioned in the center of a big circle, place in the middle using the same font color. The word “Royale” was also written in all caps on the second band, with the same backdrop and font color.

Smoking Experience

I noticed that the Rocky Patel Royale Robusto cigar has a very loose draw when it comes to the cold draw since I’m having trouble tasting the flavor profile, therefore I haven’t tasted anything yet. This feature actually works in the cigar’s favor because it results in producing a lot of smoke when lighted. The first flavor that is present is pepper. Moreover, I have some coffee and nuts. It also has excellent pepper and coffee flavors on the retro-hale.

A pretty powerful flavor of creamy coffee and then notes of pepper are present in the first third. Although not overpowering, pepper can be tasted throughout. There are also traces of chocolate nut in it. The cigar has a medium strength, but not enough to kick you. Although it doesn’t give much intricacy, it creates pleasant flavors. I haven’t had any problems with the lighting or the draw yet. With each draw, a lot of smoke is produced. The cigar is doing fairly well so far.

The creamy coffee flavor is still present in the second third, but this time it was accompanied by a faint cedar flavor, which is gradually gaining prominence. The pepper is still present as well as on the retro-hale, but it isn’t yet overwhelming because it hasn’t hit its peak. The body stays at medium, and the strength also goes to medium. Additionally, it continues to produce a great deal of ash and a lot of smoke. I don’t feel like lighting it up again.

In the final third, the coffee joined the pepper and cream notes, and there seemed to be a faint earthy flavor emerging. I thought it was excellent that the pepper note hadn’t been overpoweringly strong until this point. There hasn’t been much complexity added, and flavor profiles are mostly same.


Overall, the Rocky Patel Royale Robusto is a very good cigar. You don’t really need to exert pressure on it or utilize strength to smoke it because there is a lot of smoke produced despite the draw being fairly loose. From the beginning to the end, I classified the cigar as being medium strength.

For the flavor profiles, expect a creamy coffee with undertones of nut, spice, and earth. The pepper flavor caught me off guard a little bit because it never became overbearing. Along with coffee, you can also taste it on the retro-hale, but not enough to irritate you. It had outstanding construction and produced a lot of pleasant tastes.

I would smoke it once more, but not too frequently given the price. Speaking about price, I believe it is too expensive for the quality of flavors you receive.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales