Two Best Cigar Deals This Week

May 2021 Best Cigar Deals

If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, here are the two BEST cigar deals available:

1. Free 5-Pack of Cohiba Robusto ($107.45 Value) with the purchase of select Cohiba boxes

Here’s the thing: You can buy a box of Cohiba Red Dot Pequenos for for \$59.99 (33% Off) and qualify. You’re getting almost $200 worth of cigars for 60 bucks. 

Normally, pequenos don’t qualify for the deal. Sometimes they do, but you have to buy two boxes. That’s why this deal is so great!

It would be one of the greatest gifts someone could get.

You can get the deal here.

We took advantage of the deal, of course. Below are pics of us unboxing it.

This was one of my favorite unboxings. The box and labels are gorgeous. The wrapping on the inside blew me away.

I couldn’t wait to smoke these. I smoked one of the pequenos that night. It was really enjoyable and perfect for a short smoke before bed. It is full of taste despite its small size. The ash didn’t break until I broke it intentionally after it grew to over an inch. 

2. Free Drew Estate Sampler of 10 ($91.48 Value) with the purchase of select Drew Estate boxes.

The deal isn’t as amazing as the one above because there are more restrictions regarding what boxes count for the deal. However, it’s still a great deal because you’re still getting  $90 worth of cigars for free. Plus, the 10 cigar sampler include two of each of Drew Estate’s 5 amazing cigars including Herrera Esteli, Joya de Nicaragua and three different Liga Privada cigars.

We suggest getting the Herrera Esteli Brazilian Robusto Grande box for $186.99 to qualify for this deal. You can get the deal here.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales