Review of Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro

Acid Kuba Kuba is a complex flavored cigar with notes from floral to fruity with the staple sweetened tip. If you read Maria’s review of Kuba Kuba, you might wonder how Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro tastes.
With its wide selection of cigars, infused flavors, and wrappers, Drew Estate got you covered. Drew Estate expertly combined Kuba Kuba’s rich sweetness with the Sumatra flavor of the wrapper, so changing to a Maduro wrapper is interesting.
How would Maduro’s rich flavors work with this cigar? This review of Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro will try to figure out. This is also a mild to medium cigar with a sweetened tip, so using a Maduro wrapper is a good idea to add texture and depth.
The Kuba Kuba is an aromatic cigar reminiscent of fruity extracts, so I expect this one to have a pleasant scent, too. For veteran cigar enthusiasts who prefer classic cigars, this might not be to your taste. Nevertheless, check out this Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro review for insights when you have a chance to try one.

Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro
Wrapper Origin: UndisclosedShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 54
Wrapper: UndisclosedList Price: $238 (Box of 24)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium


The box is ordinary and does not vary from the standard Drew Estate Acid Cigar box. Usually, the plain box works well because it’s easy to store.
The band of the cigar is the same as the neon blue of the Acid Kuba Kuba Natural. The appeal, of course, is the dark, rich color that makes the cigar undeniably Maduro. It’s a classic, rusty, oily wrapper. The construction is compact with few veins, and it is neither lumpy nor bumpy.

Smoking Experience

The aroma on the prelight is a combination of a minty scent with some hay.
I expected the sweetened tip for a Drew Estate Acid cigar, so no surprises there. The smoke is a creamy aroma that is pleasant to the senses. The draw is slightly on the loose end, while the flavor is generally earthy yet hard to describe.
I try to break down the flavor, but the range of flavors from sage, herb, spice, or rosemary is hard to determine precisely. Some faint woody notes are present, too. If there were more woody notes, this would have added more balance for me. The mild, sweet flavors are so far enjoyable.
The second thirds showed no transition, with the same flavors coming out. Now, there are natural tobacco flavors that share the palette with the sweetness of the tobacco. The burning is uneven, but the draw is consistent, and the cigar required little touch-up.
The final thirds show similar flavors with little to no transition. Except for the sweetness dying down, the rest of the flavors are enough to keep my interest.
It’s a great, mild, cigar with rich flavors. Though it tends to canoe, the mildness and aroma are worth appreciating.


Holding Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro

The Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro is a good cigar with an excellent body. The flavors are not as complex as Acid Kuba Kuba, with few transitions, but this is still an enjoyable stick and a good choice.
For those who have yet to try an Acid stick, try this cigar first to get a feel of the flavor profile of the Acid line.
To enjoy it, you can pair it up with a flavorful drink. I think this is meant to be enjoyed on a light evening to wind down. It has plenty of flavors, without any aftertaste or bursts of strength. I give it an 84.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell