Review of Asylum Lobotomy Toro

Two well-accomplished cigar connoisseurs Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa, have joined forces to bring a never-before-seen premium cigar that will fascinate the tobacco world. Encompassing fierceness, the brand promises a place of protection and refuge in the darkest times.

Exclusively sold at the famous smoke shop, I was one of those who raved and purchased a box of this in the hope of finding a haven ― just how its name suggests. Since it is not enough to reminisce, I decided to withdraw this tobacco from my humidor and let myself indulge in it.

The Asylum Lobotomy cigars come in four vitolas ― Large, Petite Corona, Double Toro, and Toro. For the most part, I would opt for a shorter cigar, but today, I had a rare opportunity of pampering myself through a lengthy smoke, so I grabbed this good-looking 6-inch Toro cigar.

Asylum Lobotomy
Wrapper Origin: NicaraguaShape: Toro
Length: 6Ring: 50
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $42.99 (Box of 10)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium

Pull of Cigar

Suppose you are a deal-seeker cigar enthusiast looking for discounted premium cigars. In that case, the Asylum Lobotomy tobacco is the one for you. Clad in a dark oily Habano Maduro wrapper, there’s no way you wouldn’t be drawn to the beauty that this cigar beholds. The artsy band, which I find hard to ignore, displays a skull with the brain’s frontal lobes and crisscrossed hammer and spike on the underneath ― isn’t that so fascinating? Seamlessly rolled, the power it holds lies in its core, featuring a Nicaraguan binder and filler.

As I ran it across my nose, aromas of salted caramel, milk chocolate with hints of hay, and barnyard welcomed my scent. The pre-light draw offers an excellent resistance unleashing a blend of cocoa, dry wood, and pepper spice.


As the enticing flicker of the lighter ignited the foot, I swiftly introduced the cigar into my mouth, ending the sweet torture of anticipation. A strong kick of black pepper took control of the first draw tingling the palate. Soon after, full-bodied flavors of cedar and dark chocolate dominated the spiciness in a non-overwhelming way but, one thing is for sure: the flavors are audaciously bold. Surprisingly, this tobacco delivers a sweet aroma in contrast with its darker flavor profile.

Half an hour after the lit-up, I was mesmerized by how this lovely stick kept up to the game. The burn line is impressive, and the ash is staying nice and firm. Note of almonds started to invade the realm of spice, joining the revelry inside my mouth. From beginning to finish, the smoke remained medium to full-bodied with a creeping cherry sweetness on the retrohale.

Overall Review of Asylum Lobotomy Toro

Asylum Lobotomy cigar in hand

The flawless facade that this stogie exhibit speaks for well thought out craftsmanship. If not for the prior awareness of how much it costs, the unbelievable $4 price would not even cross my mind. Throughout the rollercoaster journey, there was never a single moment that I felt disappointed. The intricate mix of well-rounded flavors is absolutely like no other, brimming my palate with nothing but contentment. The joy of knowing that a fine cigar like the Asylum Lobotomy Toro is just there, waiting, after an exhausting day to bring solace and pleasure, is priceless. I wholeheartedly give this a 93 out of 100. Grab yours, and allow yourself into a mind-blowing smoking experience.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales