CAO Colombia Tinto Cigar Review

CAO Colombia cigar review

CAO cigars are known for their quality and unique flavors. The company offers a wide variety of premium cigars, including the CAO Brazilia, the CAO Italia, the CAO America, and the CAO La Traviata, but for this cigar review, we will be trying the CAO Colombia Tinto cigar.

One of the things that make CAO cigars so special is that they use a blend of tobacco from different regions of the world. No matter what your preferences are, there is a CAO cigar that is sure to suit your taste. And, with so many different flavors to choose from, you are sure to find a CAO cigar that a cigar aficionado would absolutely love.

Wrapper Origin: HonduranShape: Robusto
Length: 4 7/8Ring: 52
Wrapper: HybridList Price: $157.80 (Box of 20)
Origin: HondurasStrength: Medium

Appearance of CAO Colombia Tinto

For many cigar aficionados, the CAO Colombia Tinto is a go-to option. Part of the reason for this is the cigar’s appearance. The CAO Colombia Tinto has a dark, unique look that is eye-catching and adds to the smoking experience. The CAO Colombia Tinto cigar has a wrapper from Honduras, a Cameroon binder, and filler from Brazil and Columbia. The wrapper has a great color of dark chocolate, and the cigar band complements it really well.

The band on this cigar is actually pretty since it really features the colors of Colombia, something that I find appropriate considering how the design and colors connected to the actual name of the cigar itself.

The cigar band features a beautiful color of yellow that really pops out, with accents of blue and red, the same as the color of the Colombian flag. The logo design of this CAO cigar is close to a comic-like design, featuring spiky rays of the sun.

The “CAO” is written in the middle of a diamond shape logo, and the word “Colombia” is written separately below it.

Smoking Experience

During the first third of smoking the CAO Colombia Tinto cigar, it has an earthy note at the start, which slowly became the dominant flavor, accompanied by cedar and woods. There’s also a hint of nuts, a little bit toasted but not fully transitioning into toasted nuts. This one burns almost evenly, and the draw didn’t give me a hard time picking up the flavors. The smoke output is not a lot, but I don’t mind. So far, this cigar is giving a good performance and flavor profile.

The second third of the CAO Colombia Tinto cigar it is ranging from mild to medium in terms of strength, and it has this really good aroma that lingers in my hand. For the flavor profile, it is still the same, just like the first third, but the nuts finally became toasted. There’s also a subtle hint of pepper emerging, but it still fades as I smoke the cigar; more like it would appear during puffs, but after I exhale the smoke, the pepper doesn’t linger much anymore. As for the construction of this cigar, the ash already fell off, but the burn and draw are still as good as it was during the first third. I also didn’t feel the need to re-lighting this one or touch it up.

For the final third of smoking the CAO Colombia Tinto cigar, the flavors remain the same, but this time, they all peak, and that is when the flavor really starts to come through, and a hint of spice is present at this point. While some might consider it as a late presence, I don’t really mind since it is combined with the pepper, so it is more like a spicy pepper. I can now say that the construction of this cigar is great since it didn’t give me a hard time smoking and picking up the flavors. The burn is also great, and it now has a good amount of smoke output. I enjoyed smoking this cigar as this is a cigar that is meant to be savored and enjoyed, and that is exactly what I did.


Overall, I love the overall concept of the CAO Colombia Tinto cigar in terms of design and tobacco. Starting from its band, this cigar features an identical set of colors which is the same as what the actual Colombian flag has. Not only that, but this one also uses Colombian tobacco, which really pays respect to the country itself. They didn’t just pick a name of the country and make a cigar using its name but also paid tribute to it by using an actual Colombian wrapper and incorporating the country’s flag’s color into its band.

As for the CAO Colombia Tinto cigar’s flavor profile, it has interesting flavors of earth, cedar, nuts, and a little bit of pepper and spice. There’s also a flavor transition with nuts being toasted during the second third. The pepper also gained strength during the final third but was not too overpowering.

Moreover, the blends of this cigar are working perfectly, and the notes are hitting it. They reached their peak during the final third. This cigar is also very smooth, and it’s indeed medium-strength. I can definitely say that the CAO Colombia Tinto is a great cigar for beginners and experienced smokers alike. The medium-bodied cigar is easy to enjoy, and the flavor profile is both approachable and complex. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely smoke or looking for cigars to pair with your favorite spirit, the CAO Colombia Tinto is a great choice.

I really enjoy smoking this one and would definitely smoke again in the future. Considering its price point, I can say that it’s definitely worth the money, and if you’re looking for a CAO cigar to smoke, this one is one of the great options available out there. This is also perfect to give as a gift to your Colombian friends or to smoke during their Independence day.

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