Padron Cigars

Padron Cigars

Padron cigars have been enjoying legendary status when it comes to premium cigars. It has been receiving 90 plus ratings from cigar connoisseurs all over the world since its introduction in 1964. The cigar brand is now known for its superb portfolio of premium and handcrafted and well-aged Nicaraguan tobacco blends. Cigar lovers are fascinated with its rich flavors and perfectly fine construction. Padron’s classic profile speaks for itself to the cigar aficionados. Its full flavors are highly distinguishable due to its creamy smoothness, the complexity of flavors, and excellent balance. All these set Padron cigars from the rest of premium cigars.


The Best Padron Cigars

Padron 1926 Series


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Padron 1926 Series is known as a world-class cigar for its superb blending and construction. It is a handcrafted cigar made of aged handcrafted tobacco from Nicaragua. These cigars are full-bodied and they give off delicious flavors. It has a bold and earthy base combined with several flavors such as cocoa, leather, nuts, and spices. Padron 1926 Series cigars come in Natural and Maduro wrappers with the brand’s signature box-press finish. This Padron cigar is a classic and very popular among cigar smokers, whether you’re a casual smoker or a cigar aficionado.


Padron 1964 Anniversary Series

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Padron 1964 Anniversary Series is a celebratory and limited batch of cigar line which has been critically acclaimed by popular cigar critics. This cigar is aged for four years with a full-bodied profile that goes with delectable earthy notes blended with nuances of cocoa, cedar, coffee, and toasted hazelnuts. This handcrafted cigar is one of the most sought-after Nicaraguan puros that you can find. It is wrapped in a well-defined and sun-grown EMS wrapper or a strong Maduro leaf. 

Padron Family Reserve

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Padron Family Reserve cigars are a cigar by themselves. This cigar is made up of 10-year aged Nicaraguan tobacco. The Family Reserve is a full-bodied handcrafted cigar with a rich and bold flavor profile yet it is incredibly smooth to smoke. It is made up of super premium tobacco which makes the Reserve one of the true premium cigars. This is perfect for those who are looking for a special occasion cigar or a cigar to add to a daily lineup.


Padron Damaso

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Padron Damaso is another highly anticipated cigar that comes with a milder strength profile, the first for the brand. Every stick of the Padron Damaso comes with a silky smooth Connecticut-seed wrapper along with the finest Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves grown on the family farm. The Damaso has delicious flavors of cocoa, caramel, cedar, and cream; they are all complemented by flavorful notes of pepper and sweet notes to make you savor every puff of it. It is a versatile medium to full-bodied smoke that any seasoned and novice cigar smoker would love.

Padron 1964 Anniversary (Padron 50th Anniversary)

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True pyramid cigars fan-out from top to bottom, like the Padron 1964 Anniversary Pyramide. Capped with a round head for a better draw, perfectly-balanced Nicaraguan tobaccos smoothly inch their way back to an intensely rich, rewarding and complex smoke. Order these stunning 94 rated cigars now.

Padron 1964 Anniversary Hermoso Maduro

The Padron 1964 Anniversary Hermoso Maduro, part of Padron’s esteemed 1964 Anniversary series, is a Nicaraguan puro known for its unique, dark, leathery texture and rich, full-bodied profile. Featuring notes of leather, earth, spice, and nuts, complemented by a sweet vanilla finish and a hint of pepper, this robust Rothschild-shaped cigar stands out despite its modest appearance, with faded bands and a rich, earthy brown wrapper. They initially presented a peppery, sweet tobacco flavor with Padron’s signature creaminess; the cigar’s taste evolves, maintaining an earthy palate with added hints of coffee, leather, and nuttiness, though with minor transitions throughout the smoke. Despite its rapid burn and somewhat loose draw, the cigar’s consistent, well-balanced flavors, particularly its distinctive creamy texture, make it a worthwhile experience. However, it lacks the striking distinctiveness anticipated from the brand’s anniversary series. Ultimately, the Padron 1964 Anniversary Hermoso Maduro may not offer an extraordinary journey in terms of flavor transitions, but its consistency and hallmark creaminess provide an enjoyable smoking experience.

Padron Family Reserve 46 Years Maduro

In celebration of its 46th anniversary, Padron released the Padron Family Reserve 46 Years Maduro in 2010 as a limited edition Nicaraguan cigar, notable for its matured tobaccos aged between 8 and 10 years. This Robusto-shaped cigar, with a ring gauge 56, stands out in the Family Reserve line for its size and is available in both Natural and Maduro versions. It boasts a rustic, dark-brown Habano wrapper from Nicaragua and intricate banding that emphasizes its exclusivity and authenticity. Before lighting, it exudes a rich blend of chocolate, cocoa, coffee, and spicy aromas, which translate into a creamy, chocolatey, and slightly smoky flavor profile as it burns, complemented by notes of nuttiness, oak and a distinctive spice that intensifies without overpowering. Its impeccable construction affords a beautiful burn, producing ample smoke with flaky, bright-gray ash. Best savored leisurely, this premium cigar, with its balanced, evolving flavors, is particularly suited for special occasions due to its price point. It represents one of the finest offerings in nuanced, full-flavored Nicaraguan cigars with the Padron Family Reserve 46 Years Maduro.

Padron Damaso No. 17

The Padron Damaso offers a mild smoking experience, contrasting with the brand’s usual robust offerings, tailored for enthusiasts preferring lighter tobacco. This variant, known for its consistent quality, features Nicaraguan filler and an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, targeting smokers inclined towards milder cigars. Unique in its wrapper choice, the Damaso diverges from Padron’s typical variety, presenting itself in a sophisticated mahogany, white, and gold banding, complete with anti-counterfeit measures. Despite its delicate, potentially brittle wrapper, the No. 17 provides a creamy, buttery flavor profile, albeit more straightforward than other Padrons, with subtle notes of pepper, cedar, and hay, maintaining the brand’s signature creaminess. Its paper-thin wrapper contributes to a faster burn, making it suitable for newcomers or those preferring a straightforward, milder taste. While it may not offer the complexity often associated with Padron, the Padron Damaso No. 17 stands out as an accessible entry point for those new to cigars or aficionados seeking a milder experience.

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Imperial Natural

Introduced in 1994 to commemorate the company’s 30th anniversary, the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Imperial Natural cigar is a limited-edition offering crafted using tobaccos aged for four years. With a length of 6 inches and a robust 54-ring gauge, it stands out as the thickest cigar in Padron’s esteemed anniversary collection. Boasting a Nicaraguan origin and a Habano wrapper, it presents a visually appealing brick-like shape with a minimalistic yet elegant maroon and gold band. Once lit, the cigar reveals myriad flavors, including a dominant coffee note accompanied by earthy, cedar-like, and leather undertones, all balanced without overwhelming pepperiness. This cigar promises a smooth smoking experience, consistent with the legacy of the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Imperial Natural.

Padron 1926 Serie No. 35 Maduro

2002, the Padron 1926 cigar line was launched to commemorate José O. Padrón’s 75th birthday. Matured for five years, these cigars provide a vibrant and creamy tobacco experience. The Padron 1926 Serie No. 35 Maduro, in particular, is wrapped in a medium-dark brown, semi-box pressed Nicaraguan Habano and boasted a full-bodied flavor profile with notes of chocolate, cocoa, pepper, spice, and coffee. Despite its small stature, this cigar offers a robust smoking experience, revealing its creamy and chocolaty notes from the outset. Its compact size and rich flavor make it an ideal choice for quick yet flavorful smoke. However, new smokers might find its full-body strength a bit overwhelming. In terms of appearance, it features the iconic “Padron” inscribed in cursive on a maroon band with gold lettering, while another band ensures authenticity with serial numbers. While the Padron 1926 Serie No. 35 Maduro is pricier for its size, its exceptional flavor and quality make it a sought-after choice for enthusiasts and occasional smokers alike.