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You may not know, but there are actually inspiring stories from cigar founders, and their journeys are not smooth-sailing and are filled with many challenges. Many started from nothing to the now-successful companies; the most inspiring one is Padron’s story.

Currently, Padrón Cigars is one of the top-selling cigars in the United States and many more countries. Cigar aficionados have different tastes in a cigar, but Padrón Cigars never failed to be included in their palate. 

With their price, many agreed that they are indeed worth it, and Padrón Cigars is a highly recommended brand for your collection of luxury cigars.

Who is Damaso Padrón?

Experiencing the hardship of life just like many young men of the 1850s, Damaso Padrón was already working in a tobacco field in Cuba. He was initially from the Canary Islands, Spain but eventually moved to Cuba. After many hardships, he managed to buy a farm in Pinar Del Rio with his savings, where he then started his journey in growing tobacco.

With time, he had his accumulations and was able to buy more plots of land and finally had one in Piloto. This became his first big step toward the cigar industry as his farm proved successful, and with it, he created his cigar brand, Piloto Cigar. The Piloto Cigar eventually became the Padrón Cigars and became a family business in which the young Jose Orlando Padron worked when he grew up.

Legend of Jose Orlando Padrón

In 1961, Jose Orlando Padron, the grandson of Damaso Padrón, migrated to Cuba. At this time, Jose Padrón had already become a 35-year-old adult. The reason behind this is Castro’s nationalization of private businesses in Cuba. This led to the migration of many Cubans who sought a better life elsewhere. One of their choices, the United States, is where Jose Orlando Padrón moved to. 

Jose Padrón spent his days in Miami, Florida, without anything to prop himself up. At a time, a friend gave him a hammer that changed his life. With this, he started a carpentry business and had a savings of 600 dollars. He invested this little sum in a factory so that he could start making cigars just like before.

Jose Padrón then started a factory that never in their dreams could they have imagined what success it achieved today. Producing a few hundred cigars per day, they managed to attract a Nicaraguan Company which he then became a representative of. 

Hardships of the Padron Cigars

In 1967, the Nicaraguan tobacco that they added to their production became so popular that they hardly met the demand for it. The production spiked to 7,000 cigars per day from a few hundred cigars per day. The company had already stabilized its foundation by the year 1978 after moving to Esteli, Nicaragua but was then included in the damages caused by the civil war.

In this tragedy, they were a bit lucky to still have another factory along the border in Honduras, but still, their business had to be stopped because of the results of the revolution. After this was the US Embargo, which halted the exchange of Nicaraguan products in the year 1985 and made Jose Padrón move to Honduras. Fortunately, the embargo ended when the Sandinistas lost the elections.

The Success

Jose Padrón would transition between Miami and Esteli. In both of these, he could move freely, and he kept his momentum by establishing a large factory in Esteli with a size twice the previous ones.

He showed unbelievable tenacity and determination, which led him to success. Even experiencing obstacles that other companies never imagined facing, he never gave up. Finally, the Padron Cigars’ success only increased over the years.

Quality of Padrón Cigars

Cigars are a great way to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. But what if you could enjoy your favorite cigar with an even richer smoke?

With the Padron Cigars brand, you can.

All their cigars are Nicaraguan puro. With their unique blend of tobaccos, Padron cigars provide a smooth, rich taste that is sure to delight any smoker. Their dark-brown wrappers are hand-rolled by master cigar makers who take pride in their craftsmanship, ensuring that each cigar is perfectly constructed.

Whether you’re looking for a mild cigar or a strong one, Padron has something for everyone. They have been making cigars since 1964 and are known throughout the world as one of the best cigar brands available today.

Highest Rated Padron Cigar: 1926 Series

The top rated Padron cigar is Padron 1926 series No. 9. It was given a rating of 97 by Cigar Aficionado. This cigar has also been on our Top 25 Best Cigars List for the past 3 years.

Pardon Serie 1926
Wrapper Origin: NicaraguaShape: Robusto
Length: 5.25Ring: 56
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $522 (Box of 24)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full


Padrón Cigars is a family-owned company that Jose Padrón founded in 1964. The successful cigar manufacturer is now based in Nicaragua but also maintains operations in Miami. They produce a large percentage of all premium cigars made in the world, and they are now one of the top cigar brands.

Padrón Cigars has experienced unprecedented growth since its inception and plans to continue expanding its reach across the country and abroad by keeping it simple: quality over quantity. They take pride in using Cuban techniques for growing tobacco, curing it naturally without chemicals or additives, aging it for years before rolling it into premium cigars—and then offering them at affordable prices because they believe that everyone deserves access to great cigars regardless of income level or social status!

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell