Review of Montecristo Yellow No. 2 Torpedo

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Review of Montecristo Yellow No 2 Torpedo

I am a big fan of classics. They exemplify a great deal of effort, raw talent and lasting worth, things that I am looking for a cigar. 

Montecristo Yellow No. 2 features a Connecticut shade wrapper with Dominican fillers and binder. Its sunshine-colored packaging radiates a euphoric vibe instantly taking me to a garden full of sunflowers. Confined inside the box are the beautifully hand-crafted cigars flaunting a hue of Colorado claro. Its iconic torpedo shape is also amazing.

The majestic sharp smoke of Montecristo No. 2 is globally known and is regarded as one of the top-selling cigars in the Cuban cigar profile. Reviews across the internet may testify for its impeccable quality.

I smoke for two reasons: for pleasure and solace. Hence, I can guarantee that this cigar is a perfect companion for all occasions with an enormous fulfillment mark. 

Pull of Cigar

Montecristo Yellow No. 2 Torpedo is not your typical cigar. It’s a mix from 1935 that has remained flawless over the years, causing it to be recognized as one of the most consistent cigars ever made. I also noticed its brown wrapper satisfyingly smooth, a little spongy but thoroughly filled with tobacco. Some veins are prominently visible, yet they remain enticing.

For better concentration of flavors, a small initial cut was made. If the draw is too tight, you can always keep cutting.


Right from the outset, this cigar immediately do wonders in my mouth. It exudes a buttery aroma accompanied by delectable flavors of nutmeg and warm notes of honey. Afterwards, a delightfully woody fragrance with a hint of zesty citrus pleased my palate, reminding me of my favorite cinnamon dessert. It was subtle at first, but when you take the first draw, you will taste a touch of bitterness with a quite strong flavor of cedar in a way that’s not overwhelming. At this phase, the burn showed consistency, and its mellow smoke remains sophisticated so far.

As expected from a typical Connecticut shade blend, flavors from the second third has some mild earthiness. As you proceed to whiff, the quality advances into a wonderful medium to full body cigar, keeping up its smoothness along the way. The draw got way better compared earlier though it was somewhat tight. The sleek wrapper is letting the cigar burn in a superbly even line, a blade-sharp burn enchanting every cigar smoker. The pungency of flavors also became evident bearing a fragrant jasmine scent.

As I came to the last third, right amount of peppery notes made its way to my tongue. From beginning to end, the flavors of this cigar really blended well.

Friendly tip: ensure a great time with the Montecristo Yellow No. 2 Torpedo; otherwise, you will be astonished that it’s over, but you want more. 

Overall Review of Montecristo Yellow No. 2 Torpedo

Montecristo is a smooth, medium-bodied cigar with a pleasing aroma. It has an undoubtedly close to perfection construction. Just like a bottle of wine, it gets finer as it ages. This timeless cigar deserved a rating of 94.

I’ve heard some say it’s pricey. But for me, a 20-dollar bliss and ecstasy has never been expensive. Life’s too short for frustrating cigars, so if you haven’t tried this Montecristo Yellow No. 2 Torpedo, you’re missing half of your life. 

For more information about the best cigars and other ways to relax make sure to come back to Scotch & Cigars here.

Maria Morales

Maria Morales